The Spy and His Lovers

A Series of Erotic Spy Novels set in the 1970s and 80s.

Waiting for Death - Book 4

Challenges are coming one after the other for MI6’s East European Golden Retriever team. Is the English double agent out for revenge because of a suicide? If so, who are the targets as she may be heading to England? Does she really want to die?

After investigating a possible attack on an American Carrier in the Solent off the Isle of Wight, ‘Operation Awkward’ is established. The Royal Marines are ready to assist Harry and his colleagues.

Spending the night on a beach, and later sailing, bisexual feelings are explored. On the return to Portsmouth they encounter the rest of the Middle Eastern cricket team. Someone is desperate to make love after a killing, so they stop on the way home. After arriving at their local pub, they have another confrontation. A Chaplain is found for Luiza to talk to about the feelings she is having.

Together with Adina, Sue and Kate, they meet for the weekend, but does jealousy comes to the fore?

Luiza thinks James is totally mad as he outlines their next mission into Warsaw, Poland.

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Defections via East Berlin - Book 3

With Harry and Luiza back in the arms of Laura, she has surprises for them regarding their future.

On the next mission into East Berlin, a General and his Mistress are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Inevitably, there are casualties in this Cold War. MI6 discover one of their own is being blackmailed, so can they turn this to their advantage.

After listening to advice from the Admiral, Harry needs to go to the Jewellers. There he introduces Adina to his partners. Laura is gobsmacked by her likeness to Rebecca, and the three find out why.

At Sandhurst Military College, Harry and Luiza meet Jacko (SAS). But who is hunting who on an escape and evasion exercise? Laura is pleasantly surprised when they meet the developer of their first sets of risqué photos from Luiza’s camera.

Harry, with Luiza and two West German Intelligence Service colleagues enter East Berlin. Travelling onto Poland without suspicion, and after ensuring the Russian Air Force Major is who he says he is, Harry now requires his assistance, because the Golden Retrievers need to go to work again.

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Vengeance is Mine - Book 2

Harry Mellors on returning after the ‘Gdynia Incident’ knows he is definitely up the river without a paddle, because when the two women in his life meet, he is informed, he needs to have a solution to his problem.

Luiza is determined to take revenge. So, she and Harry plan a private mission. But, how can this go forward without the assistance of MI6. The results of the drastic measures Harry and Luiza previously took in Poland, now start to bear fruit in the UK, and definitely relate to Harry’s mission into the North during the Vietnam War in 1969, whilst he was in the Royal Air Force.

With a senior member of MI6 disappearing, and Harry with Luiza trailing suspected traitors into Europe, they find themselves working with the Dutch and the West German Intelligence Services. After an encounter, with justifiable results, they realise a senior member of MI6 is a double agent.

Continuing with their private and official mission into Eastern Europe, and being aware of a trap or traps which may be set for them, Harry is determined to keep one step ahead of their Cold War Communist enemies.

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The Gdynia Incident - Book 1

In 1973, at the height of the Cold War, Harry Mellors is approached by British Military Intelligence. They want him, an Englishman, to recap on his mission into the North during the Vietnam War in 1969. Why the request? He later remarks, "Déjà vu", as he finds out they now want him to undertake a mission behind the Iron Curtain in Poland.

Harry meets Rebecca, but tragedy and conflict occur after he accepts the mission. Laura, his new colleague in MI6, shows him her amazing tattoo. On their second evening together, she wonders what else might have happened, if it had not been her sister with them but another woman.

The Navy, Marines and Paras assist him to prepare for the mission. After finalising plans for his legitimate travel to Poland, Harry is surprised to see Pam. Do they attempt to recapture what they had meant to each two years previously?

In Warsaw, he is greeted by Luiza. Can she and her underground contacts assist him? In Gdynia, Harry finds evidence of a communist spy in the West. Will Harry try and make contact with the Royal Navy in the Baltic? On the Mellor's family farm someone declares, 'Vengeance is Mine'.

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Book 5 - Harry Comes in from the Cold